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 "Les Houston is an engaging, charismatic instructor with many years of relevant experience in the HVAC and fuel gas licensing field. The combination of Les' personality and technical proficiency make him an ideal  instructor. His program takes important technical information and makes it accessible to students of any age."

-- Ricky B. Epping, NH

  "I've had the pleasure of taking a handful of gas classes with Les Houston.  I thoroughly appreciate his breadth of knowledge (both code and field experience) excellently communicated in terms anyone can understand!  Each time I've come away more informed, confident and valuable as a result!"
-- Eli C., Dover, NH

   "Just wanted to say that I am very excited to hear that you have founded Advanced Trade School and that you are going to keep teaching gas licensing and continuing education. I have always enjoyed your classes as you keep people engaged and well informed of the changes in the industry. I have been to many of your classes and will continue to do so. "

-- Robert B., Exeter , NH


   "Les and Adam are both awesome instructors.  I've taken several gas courses with Les and a welding course with Adam.   Both are very focused and informative, which makes it easy to feel comfortable with the information. I look forward to continuing my education with them. "

-- Evan M. Concord, NH