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OSHA 10 - Construction

OSHA training is offered in various forms.


Advanced Trade School offers OSHA-10 Construction safety. It is intended to keep entry-level construction workers, which includes plumbers and gas fitters, safe on the job.


This course provides employees with knowledge concerning their rights as well as employer responsibilities. It covers safety topics intended to increase employee awareness of potential job site hazards. The course can be tailored, to some degree, for specialty job functions.


OSHA-10 hour must be taught in a minimum of two sessions, none longer than 7.5 hours.

OSHA-30 hour for supervisors has the same limit on daily instruction hours.


These classes are held upon request.  Please call to schedule.

Cost for OSHA-10 is $159 per student

Minimum class size of 5 students

Total time: 10 hours

Required topics include:

  • Intro to OSHA

  • Fall Protection

  • Struck-By dangers

  • Electrocution protection

  • Health hazards

  • Caught in or between hazards

  • Personal protective equipment

Electives can include anything from:

  • Extension cords

  • Power tools

  • Hand tools

  • Trenching

  • Ladder safety

  • Scaffolds

  • Lifts

Any related topic to construction functions

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