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Welding Technology is one of the fastest-growing areas in the trade industry. 


Advanced Trade School offers introduction to the welding industry with a 20-hour course designed to set the student on a path for success in the welding trade.

The intro to welding program can then be followed up with the Advanced SMAW (stick) 20 hour course.

For younger students looking for exposure to a valuable trade they may pursue as a future career or for those just looking for meaningful adventure, the kids welding camp is the right choice!

Kids Welding Camp   


Interactive and fun hands-on learning experience. Students will be taught the safety protocols and science of welding. They will have opportunities to construct personalized welding projects. All activities supervised by an experienced instructor with years of experience teaching high school welding. 


Introduction to Welding
Total Time: 20 Hours

  • Oxy/Acetylene Cutting

  • Plasma Cutting and gouging

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick Welding)

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG Welding)

    During the classes, the student will understand the safety aspects of welding, the theory behind the processes, and how to execute the processes effectively.


The class will consist of 10%-15% of classroom lectures and 85%-90% hands-on training to maximize the amount of skills training.   

Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick): 20 hours

  • Must take intro to welding first or have previous welding experience

Through Participation in this class students will advance their understanding of the Shield Metal Arc Welding Process. 

Student will learn about electrode classifications for Carbon Steel Electrodes, Stainless Steel Electrodes and other non- typical electrodes.

GTAW (TIG) Welding Class: 20 hour

Must have taken Intro to Welding or have significant welding Experience.

In this basic 20 hour GTAW (TIG) welding class the student will understand the basic concepts of GTAW (TIG) welding.  This will include Tungsten identification, Tungsten selection, and the care and preparation of Tungsten.  

Students will understand the three most welded materials used in the GTAW process.  This will include carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  The student will weld these three common materials in the 1G position.   Attention will be given to material preparation and the basic finishing processes for the material mentioned above.

The student will understand the shielding gas selection processes and will begin to hone their skills using varied GTAW processes. For example, use of the foot pedal, lift start, and scratch start techniques.

Welding Courses

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Intro to Fabrication
20 Hour course

The Intro to Fabrication is designed to give the student the ability to understand the basics of general fabrication. This will include layout, various cutting techniques, assembly processes and working to tolerances.
The student will build to a simple print and will learn some very basic print reading techniques. The student will complete 4 projects that will help the student gain familiarity with the above-mentioned processes.
All the welding for the class will be with the GMAW process.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Welding.
6 Students per class Maximum

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