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Gas Piping Installer

This course consists of 60 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction and includes both Basic Gas Theory and Gas Piping Design and Installation. This course covers both Natural Gas and Propane piping systems.

Along with a full color student manual, course participants receive a copy of the NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code book.

This is the first course a student takes when pursuing a fuel gas license.

Prerequisite: At least 16 years of age.

$1600  Tuition


Class schedule:

Evenings:  Jan 3rd- March 9th, 2022   Monday and Wednesdays  6pm to 830pm            (plus one lab day March 5th)                  

Daytime: Jan 4th-Jan 27th, 2022  Tuesday and Thursday 8am-430pm 

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Total Time: 60 Hours

Course Covers:

  • Classification of Gases

  • Properties of Gases

  • Gas Flames

  • Gas Combustion

  • Gas Safety

  • Gas System Pressures

  • Gas Pressure Regulators

  • Piping Installation Plan

  • Preparing a Plan

  • Methods for Sizing Gas Pipe

  • Sizing of Gas Piping Systems

  • System Operating Pressures

  • Methods of Piping Assembly

  • CSST-Corrugated Stainless Steel Gas Pipe

  • Proper Bonding of Gas Piping

  • Connections of Gas Appliances and Equipment

  • Piping Underground

  • Piping in Partitions

  • Pressure Testing and Inspection

  • Proper Purging of Piping Systems

  • Listing of Gas Piping Installer Courses

  • Pipe Hangers and Supports

  • Piping Materials and Selecting

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