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5 Reasons to Consider Trade School

1. Affordable Education. Advanced Trade School offers the freedom to pursue a high paying

career without going into debt. For less than $4000, a student can complete a full fuel gas

license program valid in New Hampshire and surrounding states. Invest in a career that pays for

itself the first month on the job. You won’t enter the workforce saddled with debt like college

graduates often do.

2. Great Pay. A career in fuel gas piping, equipment installation, or as a gas service technician

gives you the freedom to earn a livable wage immediately upon entry and has incredible upward

wage growth potential. The average mean salary of a gas technician or welder exceeds that of a

teacher, law enforcement officer, and other careers that required 4 years of education and cost.

3. It all happens fast! In New Hampshire, a fuel gas technician can complete the required

classroom education in just 20 days, or 140 hours of classroom time.

4. Hands-on learning. Both in class and in the field, you learn by doing, not just reading. Advanced Trade School offers the balance students need to succeed in the gas industry.

5. Mobility. You can take your gas trade skills anywhere in the country or world!

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