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The Trades are Essential

Advanced Trade School is founded on the premise that the trades are essential and the whole country benefits from skilled trade workers. Many, currently in the trades, are retiring and there are not enough replacements to fill the voids. Trade-related skills have been on the decline. Advanced Trade School endeavors to be part of reversing that trend.

"Vocational skills - skilled trades are in demand as boomers retire." Adecco 2019

There is a huge need for Fuel Gas Licensed technicians. Also known as gas fitters, these are the skilled workers who design and install gas piping, perform installation of gas-fired equipment and appliances, and perform gas service maintenance and repair work. The wage potential for these workers is well above the average mean income.

Welding is another trade that is in high demand with not enough workers available to fill the

need. Advanced Trade School offers an introductory class that provides top-notch hands-on welding experience that provides the student with all the basic welding techniques needed to get a start in the welding trade.

A trade education is affordable. When a student completes gas license or welding training they are not saddled with oppressive debt often associated with traditional college.

Spread the word: Trades are essential and affordable!

Get started today on your pathway to an essential and secure future.

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